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At the dawn of an industrial revolution powered by new technologies, the Internet of Things takes a very significant part and continues to disrupt the traditional business models. Industry needs to follow the trend. That's the reason why LiiA is born, to help analyzing the impact of IoT and find practical solutions. LiiAtech has a team of highly qualified employees ready to help you succeed. Our professionals accumulate a lot of experience in multiple domains (Electronic design, Software and Hardware development…) and together they make the things talk. The IoT is growing at an exponential rate and there are more and more connected gadgets in our home. In the meantime, there are more and more questions about IOT.

Why are there so many wireless protocols ? What is the most appropriate protocol for me ? What is BLE ? ...

For all these questions LiiA got the answer, don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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Multi skills

We have experts in electronic design but for IoT conception it is certainly not enough, that’s why we have also a panel of entrepreneur specializing in software development, data security, communication network, business analysis and project management.

Each project is unique and for this reason our advisors work closely with the client to clearly identify the needs and the impact of IoT in their business:

  • Understand the business
  • Define the needs
  • Measure the impact
  • Develop a prototype

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Meet Our team

They accumulate more than 50 years of experience
and together they make things talk

Our story

LiiA was created by a band of friends working in a garage together and trying to change the world with innovations.

We joined the DigitYser community and from there we try to rewrite the histories of technological innovation, making myths about a guy who had a great idea that changed the world, reality

Exciting things are happening, the world is changing fast and furious, let’s influence this change with our connected devices.


Our speciality is LoRA, Sigfox and NB-IoT connectivity but we are also using WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee
Of course not, IoT means devices that need application to use, manage and analyze data. So our software developer are very competent.

Social engagement

LiiA is a platform of professional actors concerned with boosting the social fabric of Brussels. Its objective is to facilitate the development of the initiatives that animate the city by building bridges between the academic, professional and associative worlds. To achieve this, many partnerships are developed with the professional world but also with associations and in the near future with schools whose actions include awareness raising, training and information for young people and less young people on new technologies. In order to achieve this objective, a range of activities is offered to the participants: seminars, Hackathon days, sponsorship ...

LiiA also aims to be one of the players accompanying young people from working-class neighbourhoods in close collaboration with organizations that support the integration through trainings by providing a conducive framework to their development. One of the other challenges of LiiA is the safeguard of our planet that goes through everyone’s awareness to the environmental challenges. With this in mind, we propose to bring all our know-how to help with the energic and ecological transition.In addition, LiiA offers its contribution to promote the well-being of our fellow citizens by developing solutions for responding to accessibility problems for people with reduced mobility, problems of mobility and problems of pollution.

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LiiA is ready to go to Embedded World:

Embedded world time is here again like every year before since 2003 and like every year our people are excited, it’s once again party time. Time to discover the new tendencies, to discover more than 1,000 companies and get inspired by the latest trends and product developments; The embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems, discover the innovations from the embedded sector, meet experts and acquire new customers. It’s the place to be and LiiA will be there for an inspiring moment. To be continued...

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Today, the most important telecom operator relies on us to design IoT based embedded systems for the customers.

So, LiiA and Proximus join their forces to make this world more connected.

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